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Whites Net Peaked Hat White

Whites Chefs Clothing

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    The Whites Net Peaked Hat White is a unisex, white net peaked hat is made from 100% nylon and is ideal for catering staff.

    Are hair nets require by law?

    No. There is no law that makes wearing a hairnet legally required - but that doesn't mean that it's not recommended. We would suggest using a hairnet in the kitchen to reduce the risk of any customer complaints and ensure hygienic practices.

    Why should you wear a hair net when handling food?

    Finding a hair in your food is never fun. For kitchen staff that are exposed to both raw and cooked ingredients, hairnets will reduce the risk of loose hair contaminating foods. Hairnets do this by acting as a protective barrier that keeps hair secure.

    Do you have to wear a hair net if you have short hair?

    Although there is a lesser risk of hair reaching food with short hair, we would still recommend that you use a hairnet. This will help to ensure that there is a minimal risk of loose hair contaminating food which keeps customers happy. 

    Product Features

  • Product Code: B226
  • Brand: Whites Chefs Clothing
  • Material: Nylon
  • Peaked front
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