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eCommerce Technology Services

Chefswarehouse employs Kegsoft's newly developed, high efficiency methods designed for medium to large eCommerce enterprise with high volume processing and large inventories.

If you have recently started or are scaling-up your own ecommerce enterprise - no matter the size, you will well appreciate the practicalities and complexities of running your site and keeping products, prices, inventory, collections AND customer data running sweetly.

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We don't offer turnkey solutions as we understand that every enterprise has its own unique features but we can provide the smart tools and expert assistance needed to manage large and structured product inventories in an increasingly competitive world.

  • Initial product data content preparation / conversion / load
  • Data update & maintenance
  • Structured & Dynamic Pricing tools for market competitiveness
  • Inventory updates & synchronisation
  • Product tagging and customer segregation 
  • SEO / Merchant data Integration
  • General & specific advice on processes and procedures

We are entirely UK-based. We specialise in Shopify but can help with other platforms.

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