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++ 20th May 2021 - Chefswarehouse supports Environmental al Community Causes

We are pleased to report we have started our campaign to raise £10,000 within the next 12 months to support environmental and community good causes. Using the Pledger app, customers can select one of three good causes to which Chefswarehouse will allocate a proportion of our sales margin on the order our customer has just paid for. Progress towards our target will be displayed. The initial urgent causes selected are for tree planting / replanting, redistribution of surplus foods and action for mental health. 


++ 17th September 2019 - Chefswarehouse joins Cedabond


We are very happy to announce that Chefswarehouse UK is now a member of the Cedabond buying group. Director Robin Kellard: "Being a member of the Cedabond family of catering suppliers, distributors and manufacturers enables us to give our customers even better value and extends the brand and product range we can provide."


++ 22nd January 2019 – Launch of Chefswarehouse, ++

Leominster-based Kel Trade Ltd & IT specialist Kegsoft, are happy to announce the opening of their new joint venture - an online store for chefs, caterers and other hospitality professionals. With over 25,000 product lines representing 350+ brands, this store offers incredible value and a next day delivery service across the UK.

Chefswarehouse (UK), combines the experience of Kel Trade’s established catering and hospitality supplies service with the expertise from Kegsoft’s advanced new IT Language & process automation facility.

The new store actively promotes and advocates new and alternative replacements for oil based & non-recyclable disposables to products made from  eco-friendly materials. Most single-use catering products now have biodegradable and fully compostable alternatives that are attractive, practical, economical and leave no environmentally damaging pollutants.

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