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Jantex Centrefeed Blue Roll 2ply 120m 6 Pack


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    Blue roll is ideal for use in commercial and domestic kitchens. This 6 pack of 2-ply, recycled blue rolls is perfect for absorbing spillages, cleaning surfaces and drying hands. The centrefeed roll design allows these blue rolls to be used with dispensers such as the GD836, creating a cost effective and eco-friendly paper roll dispensing unit, or on their own for easy portable cleaning. The roll measures 120m in length, giving you plenty of roll for use in a wide range of applications. The recycled paper material used to make this blue roll will also ease the burden on the world's forests and raw resources.
    How To Remove The Centre From A Centrefeed Blue Roll
    To remove the centre from your blue roll, simply place it on a flat surface and turn the roll so you can clearly see the join in the core. Once located, turn the roll so that the end of the join is pointing towards your body. Place your thumbs inside the core, grip the blue roll and exert a strong and steady outward pressure. This will cause the core to begin to come apart at its seams. Once the core has come apart, you can reach inside the centre of the blue roll and pull the cardboard out.
    With the cardboard removed, the roll will feed from the centre and make dispensing easy.
    Is Blue Roll Recyclable?
    While many blue rolls are not recyclable, these Jantex blue rolls are widely accepted for recycling. However, if this blue roll is used to wipe up food waste, grease and bodily fluids, it will likely not be accepted for recycling as this soiling can contaminate the process if mixed in with clean paper waste.
    Is Blue Roll Compostable?
    Blue roll that's been used to clean hands or light food soiling is usually safe for composting. However, paper that's too greasy or been used with cleaning chemicals is generally not compostable, as this can contaminate the process. Always check with your waste management service first to ensure this Jantex blue roll is safe for composting.

    Product Features

    • Product Code: DL921
    • Brand: Jantex
    • Box quantity: 6
    • Dimensions Roll Size: 175mm x 165mm. Sheet Size: 175mm x 370mm. Core Diameter: 60mm
    • Material Recycled paper
    • Weight 4.5kg
    • Colour Blue
    • Generous 120m length means each roll will last you even longer
    • Bumper pack size of 6 rolls offers a great cost-per-use
    • 2-ply material makes the rolls strong enough to tackle most spills
    • Embossed pattern absorbs more mess for better cleaning results
    • Inner cardboard roll is easy to remove - allowing for controlled and fast use
    • Rolls can be used in a dispenser or on their own for portable cleaning
    • Recycled material makes the rolls kinder to the environment
    • Can also be recycled and composted after use if free from heavy soiling
    • CHSA accredited
    • The roll is not flushable
    • Pair with the GD836 Jantex centrefeed towel dispenser (sold separately) for efficient dispensing
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