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WearerTech Footwear

WearerTech are the occupational footwear experts, they really understand a day in the life of your shoes they have performed extensive academic research to show how chefs, and other professions (veterinary surgeons, nurses and others) cope with the physical stress of standing all day. With a supportive non-slip footwear specifically for standing being designed. Environmentally friendly EVA material, and water resistant the WearerTech range rejuvenate work shoe moulds to the shape of your foot over time. The EVA material give you great comfort, and also provide a high level of protection. The shoes gives you a shock-absorbing outsole to keep your feet safe and dry from impact pressure and reduces accidents with
cutting-edge sustainable resistant to slip shoe sole. Safety is paramount so the sole is made puncture resistant to minimise possibility of harm from everyday safety hazards

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