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Commercial Microwave Ovens

When used correctly, a microwave can be one of the most useful tools in the kitchen, and you'll be hard pressed to find a restaurant kitchen without it. Yes, even a Michelin-starred one. I cannot say about all professional chefs, but in recent AMA on reddit, Gordon Ramsay said that he uses microwaves to dry herbs. Professional chefs may use microwaves for warming up something and other unconventional uses, but they would not usually use them to cook. Do chefs use microwave ovens in the kitchen? All the time. Not usually to cook with, but to warm or quickly thaw something prior to cooking is a common use. Customers sometimes ask that their plate be reheated, and that would typically be done in the microwave as well. Restaurants use Chefswarehouse's supplied microwaves, which are far more durable than home microwaves and usually have simpler controls.

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