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Complete Grid Kit & Pusher for Dynacube

Complete Grid Kit & Pusher for Dynacube


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    The Dynacube manual cutter (CF262, CF263, CP175, CP176, CP177) is a fantastic item to have within your kitchen premises, producing cuts and shreds of many ingredients quickly and effortlessly. However, one size cut and shred is never enough for different types of foods. In a size of 7mm, this complete grid and kit and pusher for the dynacube from Dynamic is able to cut a variety of vegetables and fruits with speed and precision. The blade is crafted from stainless steel to ensure it is hardwearing and durable.

    Product Features

    • Product Code: AE030
    • Brand: Dynamic
    • Material Blades: Stainless steel
    • Weight 300g
    • Size of 7mm
    • Cuts, slices and dice vegetables with ease
    • For use with the Dynamic Dynacube (CF262, CF263, CP175, CP176, CP177) (Sold separately)
    • Blade is durable and hardwearing
    • Also available in 8.5mm, 10mm, 14mm and 17mm.
    • Not dishwasher safe
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