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We are operating as efficiently as we can and have adapted procedures to cope with Covid-19. Nationally, deliveries are running quite smoothly with only a few hold-ups reported due to staffing adjustments at some Parcelforce depots.

15th January 2021

  • Deliveries of smaller stock items are mostly being delivered next business day currently with only a few taking longer than business 2 days to arrive.  There may be some delays ahead due to lockdown (modified  warehouse and shipping procedures by some suppliers, social distancing and very heavy extra demand on carriers).
  • Larger Stock Item  deliveries:  Currently running smoothly too. Lorry deliveries are usually taking 3-4 days from time of order.
  • Stock Shortages: The vast majority of items advertised on our website are unaffected BUT some items have seem massive extra demand which has lead to some supply chain difficulties with our suppliers.
    • PPE although new stocks are arriving in large quantities, items such as disposable gloves, masks and sanitising supplies frequently sell out due to unprecedented bulk order demands. We endeavour to keep our website updated with expected restocking dates.
    • Kitchen appliances: Due to lock-down certain items are also under huge demand and are leading to longer fulfilment times.
  • Price Changes: Due to a shortage of shipping containers for delivery to UK and other European ports, shipping freight charges have increased substantially for both finished goods and raw materials. Our suppliers have now passed price increases to us which regrettably, where we are unable to absorb the extra cost, we have had to raise some prices ourselves. We hope these increases will be reversed as we return to normal. Some extra costs are a result of changes to procedures post-Brexit.

24th April 2020

  • Parcelforce have significantly raised delivery rates on heavier items due using larger vehicles (instead of vans) which is making some purchases / deliveries potentially uneconomic for us and our customers. It is not possible for us to predict in advance all products affected. Where orders are received for affected products we will advise customers of amended delivery charges - and will cancel orders and refund where if the extra charge is unacceptable.
  • Most PPE related supplies have been removed from sale / sold out. We update stock levels daily so new stock is arriving but is depleted rapidly

9th April 2020

  • Majority of stocked items still arriving next business day but there are regional variations in efficiency of the despatch and delivery service due to staff shortages
  • Multi-item orders are in some cases being delivered in more than one consignment especially for PPE - related products

5th April 2020

  • Still working to expectation of a 48hrs Delivery Service, however, at least 50% of orders are arriving next day. Still no weekend deliveries at present.
  • PPE still in high demand but some items such as vinyl gloves and sanitising kitchen cleaning products are being restocked - but sell out very quickly.
  • With so many people now in lockdown at home, there has been a significant increase in demand for baking equipment and supplies - happy to report there are only a few shortages so far. 

26th March 2020

  • We are working to a 48hrs Delivery Service with no weekend deliveries at present. It is a difficult time for warehouse and delivery staff so please bear with us.
  • A small minority of products are in extreme demand and sell out rapidly but new stock is arriving regularly. Our apologies if we cannot meet all your current requirements. We will suggest alternatives / substitutions where possible.
  • But ....Most products are still available, as normal.  

20th March 2020

We are presently working to 48hrs Delivery

There is plenty of stock for the vast majority of products but a small minority are subject to very heavy demand and will remain so over the coming weeks. We are now operating to a 48Hr delivery service rather than Next Day as our suppliers, courier services and warehouse staff are adjusting to more protective working practices in response to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Please be assured that your orders and deliveries are still being processed efficiently and we will contact customers if any specific issues arise.

Changes to Parcelforce delivery procedures to protect staff and customers - please see

18th March 2020

Please note we have reorganised our working practices and our staff are now working from home. To contact us please use the Contact Form or email and we will reply as soon as we can in business hours. As you will be aware, covid-19 is beginning to impact normal business and logistics services - inevitably including delivery and warehouse personnel so although the great majority of orders are still being fulfilled next business day, we cannot currently guarantee delivery within 24hrs. 


With unprecedented demand for soaps, sanitisers and paper tissue products which are selling out soon after stock is replenished, recently, we have had to cancel and refund some orders taken for affected products (fortunately, a minority) as ours and our suppliers stock control systems are hard pressed to keep up. We apologise if you are affected - it is always best to order early in the day and you can always contact us to check stock levels.


15th March 2020

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is beginning to widely impact UK businesses. At Chefswarehouse we are working closely with suppliers and customers in order to maintain deliveries as normal as possible.

However, as many customers are experiencing, some products have become difficult obtain due to unprecedented demand, disruption to production and disrupted supply chains. Additionally, logistics and delivery services are beginning to be affected as changes to working practices are introduced. .

Most orders are still being fulfilled by next day delivery but it is increasingly likely that more items will be delivered on a 48hr basis. For urgent orders, please place orders as early as possible - preferably by 3pm to maximise the chance of next day delivery. Please call us (01568 368250) if you have any queries or need advice.

Hand soaps, Sanitisers and anti-bacterial Products

These products are increasingly hard to obtain from suppliers but we do update our website with latest stock levels as soon as new consignments are available. We manage our inventory levels with great care, however, for very fast selling stock, our online inventory levels can lag a little behind actual warehouse levels. If we inadvertently accept an order when items have sold out, we refund payment immediately as soon as we become aware of a problem. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause - but this is due to exceptional and unprecedented demand for these products.

We will issue further updates as the situation changes.



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