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Safety Shoes Brand List

Top Safety Shoe Brands from Chefswarehouse at Best UK Prices


Shoes designed for Professionals: Occupational hazards and long shifts. They're designed to be comfortable, protective and give long service. We offer an extensive range selected for chefs and catering staff (and other professionals) - premium brands at our low chefswarehouse prices.



Abeba Safety FootwearAbeba are at the forefront of safety footwear innovation  View our Abeba Collection



Birkenstock safety footwearBirkenstock perfect grip & sure-footedness in almost any work environment View our Birkenstock Collection



Crocs safety footwear
Crocs Certifiably Comfortable™ Do your shoes live up to your career specialty? View our Crocs Professional Collection


Dr Martens

Dr Martens Safety Footwear Dr Martens iconic safety shoes and boots. View our Dr Martens Collection





Shoes For Crews

Shoes for Crews Safety FootwearShoes For Crews help make your job safer and they're famous for their comfort – essential if you are on your feet all day View our SFC Collection



SlipbusterSlipbuster Famous Comfort & Style View our Slipbuster Collection



Toffeln Safety Footwear from ChefswarehouseToffeln Well respected and popular safety clogs used widely in commercial kitchens View our Toffeln Collection



Lites Safety FootwearLites lace-ups, slip-ons and clogs renowned men & women's safety footwear View our Lites Collection



Wearertech Safety FootwearWearertech The occupational footwear experts - environmentally friendly View our WearerTech Collection


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