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Food Mixers

We supply a range of professional (commercial) and ‘prosumer’ domestic food mixers for general and specialised use and, of course for your budget. Our search engine will help you find the type and brand you require – just type food mixer in the search bar.

Planetary mixers are usually mounted on a heavy base and can either be free standing or positioned on a counter top.

Dough Mixers also called spiral mixers or fork mixers, are unique in the way that the whole bowl is rotated, instead of the mixing mechanism and contents are pulled past the dough hook or mixing forks. Dough mixers are popular in pizzerias, bakeries, canteens and other large volume sites.

Cutter Mixers or blixers, combine the functionality of a mixer with a food processor for slicing and mixing large quantities of ingredients without liquidising them. Some cutter mixers such as the Robot Coupe Robot Cook allow you to cook and mix simultaneously.

Hand Mixers are small, portable mixers generally designed for domestic tasks. Variable speed stick blenders with interchangeable shafts can be an excellent choice if you're looking for a portable commercial alternative.

Domestic Mixers there’s lots on the market, many of which look quite similar to their commercial counterparts and might even be given professional-sounding names. Although ideal for your home, if you need something for your restaurant kitchen, choose a commercial mixer. The best way to tell the difference is by checking the warranty information. If it says "no commercial warranty", the mixer is only covered for home use.

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