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Dick 8 Piece Knife Set With Case


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    Double sided culinary bag containing an eight piece Dick knife set containing: 22cm (8.5") chefs knife, 18cm (7") flexible fillet knife, 15cm (6") boning knife, 10cm (4") kitchen knife, 6cm (2.5") peeling knife, 25cm (10") utility tongs, double Paris scoop and a 25cm (10") diamond oval sharpening steel. Bag has two compartments for 34 knives and ancillary items, and a separate compartment for books and pens.

    Product Features

  • Product Code: DL386
  • Brand: Dick
  • Age 18+ Restriction: Age verification after checkout
  • Dimensions 3(D)x 10(W)x 19(L)"/ 80 x 250 x 480mm
  • Material Metal
  • Weight 980g
  • Colour Black
  • 8 ½" chef's knife (Premier Plus), 7" flexible fillet knife (Premier Plus), 6" boning knife (Superior Series), 4" kitchen knife (Superior Series), 2 ½" peeling knife (Superior Series)
  • 10" utility tongs, double melon baller, 10" oval diamond steel
  • 34 slot knife bag
  • Remarkably sharp, perfectly balanced knives
  • Carefully forged and balanced with ideally shaped handles
  • Blades made from high quality alloy X50CrMoV15, which prolongs edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximises sharpness
  • Sharpened, whetted, honed and polished by hand for a superior blade quality
  • Handwashing recommended
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